2/15/2016 - Programming Stuff

So I just deleted a directory that I had made my latest changes to... This is why we use version control; bzr revert and I'm back off to the races. Even for a single person project you should use version control and commit your changes in a timely manner. When I was going to college it was one of tools that was never really evangelized and it should be.

How To Write Unmaintainable Code by Roedy Green is wonderful. I've worked on and written code that contained some of the listed atrocities; definitely worth checking out for an all too true list of things to avoid.

Ninja All Stars - Tools, Improvements

I made some improvements to the NAS tools website mostly around the Team Builder page.

Mobile Support

To take a non-mobile page that was developed on a desktop and make it mobile friendly mostly revolves around css media queries. I add css to modify the page layout based on what the max screen size is.

2000px wide

1200px wide - What the application was developed in.






The Application goes from over 2000px wide down to 320px. Which is a bit of a time consuming process to get the changes to flow smoothly. Here is an example of what one of the media queries looks like.

@media screen and (max-width:799px) {
	.right .teamTable.front .colUpkeep .upkeep{
	.right .teamTable.front .colUpkeep .upkeepShort{

In total for the Team Builder page I now have 13 separate media query blocks based on the screen at various sizes. The most Tedious part is keeping the Team Roster table from having a horizontal scrollbar. To work around that I'm using every trick I can come up with, and eventually removing columns that are nice to have but are not absolutely necessary.