5/22/2017 - Discovered Foley

My interests shot off in the direction of sound design While working on my roguelike game.
this post is a collection of links.


SonicPi - programatic music creation instrument.
No Account required open source desktop application.
It has an excellent series of tutorials built into the tool.
The language that you write for manipulating the tool is Ruby.

JukeDeck - "AI" music generator.
An interesting web application for creating music from a neural network ai.
The site Requires an account.
Generated music can either be credited or you can pay them anywhere from $1 - $200 per track depending on the rights want.
The tool feels lacking in the amount of control you have over the tracks, but the results are interesting.
Workflow wise you end up generating a lot of tracks only to pick out the best of the lot.

AmperMusic - Another "AI" tool for creating music from a neural network.
This site also requires an account.
It's in beta so don't be put off by bugs.
The pro editor allows more control of what paremeters the neural network works with.


JFXR - Javascript port of SFXR.
No account required web application.
Allows you to make chiptune 8bit game sound effects.
Compared to other SFXR ports has a neat history mode. I appreciate that you can export the templates to JSON.

FreeSound - Fantastic collection of samples that are licensed under creative commons.
Account required, tracks the licenses for the tracks you download.
In theory should make attribution easier.


Audacity - Great application once you get used to the workflow and the controls.
Open Source Desktop application.
No account Required
This is the best tool of the list. The wiki is helpful when getting started, and there are countless tutorials to help you understand specific tasks.