{"model_74":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Arashikage","mv":6,"at":5,"df":2,"kb":23,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Fire, Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Combined Attack","Entangle","Leap","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Arashikage can call upon both Fire and Water styles with equal skill, and this blending showed him his true path, as a perfect balance of schools and clans. That balance shattered when he witnessed his fellow students apparently murder his Tora master. He swore revenge and has wandered in search of the killer ever since. ","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"-2at, Stealthy"},{"type":"required","name":"Cobra Strike","description":"When Arashikage makes a non-ranged attack against a ninja that is on non elevated terrain while he is on elevated terrain he gets +2at"}]},"model_68":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Bakusho Mondai","mv":6,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":19,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Fire, Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Engulf","Fortune","Nimble","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Hooooooooooo!","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Smooth Moves","description":"Bakusho Mondai may spend his action to rearrange all of the models in his influence zone, including himself. Models may be moved to any other space in Bakusho Mondai's influence zone. If Bakusho Mondai is moved, all models that are moved by Smooth Moves must still be placed in spaces that were part of his original influence zone before he was moved. Dodge rolls are not required for any model that is moved."}]},"model_49":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Benkai","mv":3,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":16,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Dauntless","Earth Mastery","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Devotion to duty is a hallmark of many on Kagejima; for some, however, it is a defining characteristic. Benkei was born within sight of the Moon Palace. Always tall and strong for his age, Benkei entered the famed Usagi Senshi monastery just north of the palace at only seven years old. Long supported by the Moon Court, the Usagi Senshi is renowned for producing warriors of great skill and dedication. Benkei has surpassed them all. Even though still relatively young, Benkei has traveled the breadth of Kagejima. He has slain oni and other monsters, braved shadowed caverns, mediated disputes among families and clans, and tended to births and deaths across the realm. While his martial skill serves him well, it is his utter devotion to the Moon Throne that imparts his famous strength and fearlessness. They say that the gods could not move Benkei when he takes a stand in the Princess\u2019s name.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Immovable","description":"If Benkei has not activated during the round, he gets +2df."}]},"model_50":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Blind Swordsman","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":16,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Air, Spirit","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Fortune","Gale Of Blows","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"For years, people from every walk of life have employed or assisted this pleasant, helpful man. He has worked as a chef, a healer, a tutor, a masseur, and more. Always he comes ambling in from parts unknown and never stays long, departing quietly with his beautiful wooden cane tapping on the road ahead. Few people know that the exploitative landlords, corrupt magistrates, bandit leaders, and gangsters left maimed, ruined, or slain in his wake owe their demise to this humble man. Fewer know of the blade concealed in his cane, a family heirloom made from a dense, unknown metal that seems to glow despite its matte finish. Many who have employed this enigmatic swordsman have discovered, sometimes to their detriment, that he is so much more than he appears.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Uncanny Awareness","description":"For all purposes, the Blind Swordsman treats models that are in Stealth as though they were not in Stealth."}]},"model_51":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Dark Kitsune","mv":7,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":15,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Spirit, Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Blink","Nimble","Resilient","Ronin","Sicken"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Some Kitsune are ill-suited for life beneath their clan\u2019s shadowed trees. They dream of a wider world, and long to see its wonders. The clan is often sad to see these wanderlust-struck members leave, but they never lament the departure of the Dark Kitsune. Like their namesake kami, many Kitsune have a mischievous streak that can make them both excellent company and annoying companions. Some, however, display a malicious, hurtful bent to their tricks. The clan deals sternly with these so-called, Dark Kitsune. When one or more of them chooses to leave the clan\u2019s territory, either voluntarily or otherwise, they are rarely missed. They take their clan\u2019s skills in herbalism and magic with them, of course, and most parlay these talents into lucrative employment. They rarely have trouble finding warriors willing to pay their sometimes outlandish fees.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Deadly Poison","description":"Ranged 6. If a Spirit is rolled by Dark Kitsune, the target is Poisoned, regardless of the result chosen."}]},"model_107":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Fire Hanzo","mv":6,"at":5,"df":3,"kb":22,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Combined Attack","Fire Mastery","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"The mastery of fire is to be considered for all who wish to dominate in battle. To fight such a warrior, is as fighting a raging inferno. To even raise your head to look at the fire will burn you.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Strength of a Raging Fire","description":"When Hanzo attacks, for every Fire dice he has left after cancellation Stun an enemy model within 2 spaces of him in addition to the the normal resolution of the attack."}]},"model_69":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Geomon","mv":6,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":23,"upkeep":7,"affinity":"Earth, Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Guard","Redirection","Resilient","Ronin","Surefoot","Vigilance"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Oh, ho, What's this? A fat man with a fat purse; my favorite kind of stranger.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Redistribution","description":"Whenever Geomon injures an enemy model, its player loses one Koban from their treasury and Geoman's player add one Koban to their treasury. Redistribution does not trigger if the enemy treasury is zero."}]},"model_70":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Hanzo","mv":5,"at":4,"df":4,"kb":25,"upkeep":7,"affinity":"Air, Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Air Mastery","Nimble","Precision Strike","Resilient","Ronin","Sensei","Sneaky"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Calm down, jaybird. You wouldn't last a month in Kaedo with that attitude.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Master Assassin","description":"While in Stealth, Hanzo does not have to make an affinity check to leave a space in an enemy model's influence zone. Additionally, Hanzo gets a +2at when attacking from Stealth instead of +1."}]},"model_52":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Howl & Yip","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":23,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Earth, Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Precision Strike","Resilient","Ronin","Tough"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"He is called simply Howl. A surpassingly skilled warrior of strange disposition, Howl, and the small child he calls Yip, wander Kagejima in the rough life of a ronin. But things were not always thus. Once, years ago, Howl had a different name and captained the Moon Princess\u2019s personal guard. Then, they say, he fell in love with a bewitching kunoichi competing in the Moonlight Tournament, and she with him. He did not discover her betrothal to her clan\u2019s lord until after their son was born. The lord demanded Howl\u2019s head to satisfy his honor, but the Princess had her own honor and justice to think of. She would spare Howl\u2019s life, she said, if he would leave the Moon Palace and raise the child, thus removing the lord\u2019s shame. Howl agreed, but gave up his name and swore revenge on the lord. Woe to his enemies on the day he takes it.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Master Swordsman","description":"Models attacking Howl and Yip cannot get assists or back strike bonuses."}]},"model_53":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Inu Clan Kaiken","mv":6,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":13,"upkeep":3,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Dauntless","Leap","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"While seldom seen, the Inu are far more widespread than the other minor clans. Their small dorokujin statues dot the sides of roads throughout Kagejima, indicating that one of their hidden villages lies close by. Most people see this as good luck, for the Inu are very protective of their lands and those neighbors that treat them well, always coming quickly to their aid and fighting fiercely in their defense. Thus, one often sees offerings of cured meats or fatty sweets at their shrines. Inu ninja are famous for their zeal, prowess, and tenacity in battle. They maintain several schools dedicated to protection, producing some of the most famous bodyguards and trackers in Kagejima. Though small and compact, Inu clan warriors are whirlwinds of frenetic energy, and many opponents have retreated from these warriors\u2019 sheer enthusiasm.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Best Friends","description":"Choose a model on your team before the game begins. Whenever Inu Clan Kaiken gives or gets an assist bonus due to the chosen model, the assist bonus is +2 instead of +1."}]},"model_54":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Jurogumo","mv":5,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":16,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Water, Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Emptiness","Entangle","Resilient","Ronin","Water Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"A horror, a cautionary tale, and a powerful opponent; the spider women called Jorogumo are useful, if questionable, allies. They are descended from a witch. Centuries ago, she haunted the rivers and lakes of Kagejima and rescued the unwary or unfortunate from drowning. Full of kind words, she helped them to her home, and gave them dry clothes and warm soup. Slowly, she poisoned them, wrapped them in paralyzing power, and used them for dark and terrible spells. The magics she worked were too much for the land to bear, and Kagejima itself cursed this wicked woman with a shape that evoked her horrid nature. This terrible judgment carried to her offspring, who came to bear her form and her name. None trust the Joromugo, but a few unscrupulous warriors will employ them for their speed, strength, and enticing song.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Spider Legs","description":"The Jorogumo only pays one movement point to move onto elevated terrain."},{"type":"required","name":"Binding Bride","description":"When an enemy model enters the Jorogumo\u2019s influence zone, the model must immediately stop moving. The model may not move until its next activation."}]},"model_55":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Kappa","mv":4,"at":2,"df":4,"kb":20,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Earth, Void, Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Backstab","Entangle","Resilient","Ronin","Sneaky"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Troublesome kami who inhabit Kagejima\u2019s lakes, rivers, and swamps; the kappa are wild, dangerous and ghastly creatures. Yet, for all that they love to overturn boats and drown unwary children, several clans have successfully coaxed these inhumanly strong and exceptionally stealthy creatures into performing services. The payments vary. Sometimes the kappa serve for shiny baubles\u2014even simply polished river stones or carved wooden figures. Occasionally, they require tributes or offerings; rumors hold that the Ika have a standing arrangement with the kappa of several tidal pools in exchange for regular deliveries of rotting fish. Once in a while, however, the price is steeper. Some kappa have demanded livestock, all the food in a village, or (more than once) the village elder\u2019s first-born child. It is said that desperate villages, or even ambitious clan chiefs, have paid these bounties, and some even darker demands.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"From the Deep","description":"If Kappa attacks when in Stealth, it\r\ngets +2at."}]},"model_56":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Komuso","mv":5,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":13,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Spirit, Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Healing","Resilient","Ronin","Tough"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Most of the monks that wander the roads and trails of Kagejima are peaceful, as befits their order. Marked by the great wicker baskets that cover their heads, and heralded by the haunting sounds of their shakuhachi flutes, these itinerant mystics bring a calm demeanor and wise words wherever they go. This does not make them defenseless, however, as the arrogant or ignorant who believe otherwise quickly discover. Some monks choose to leave their calm lives and put the magical, medical, and martial skills they acquire in the monastery to use for various groups around the island. Only the basest of such men fight for money, and many Komuso will accept food or supplies, but no other material payment. Instead, they often demand favors, prayers or offerings at certain shrines, or unusual observances. For such simple currency as this, the bewitching sounds of their flutes presage something more than calm conversation.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Resolute Melody","description":"Other friendly models within the Komuso\u2019s influence zone get +1df."},{"type":"required","name":"Elixir of Courage","description":"If the Komuso successfully makes an affinity test for Tough, it may give the Protection token to another model within four spaces."}]},"model_71":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Kunoichi Candy","mv":8,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":18,"upkeep":4,"affinity":"Water, Spirit","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Blink","Entangle","Focus","Nimble","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Here, tough guy; have a swig of this. Cola brews it himself.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Yatta","description":"When Candy Injures or stuns an enemy model, she may move up to two spaces ignoring terrain and enemy influence zones."}]},"model_57":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Miyamoto Musashi","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":20,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Precision Strike","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"At an early age, Musashi showed great skill with the sword. His natural athleticism helped him achieve a prowess that few ever attain while still quite young. Eventually, however, this was no longer a challenge, so he thanked his masters and went in search of new challenges. For years, Musashi has wandered Kagejima, studying, debating, and fighting with and alongside masters from every school he could find. His rugged good looks and warm spirit earned him many friends, while his skill earned him great respect. After some years, though, he found that he no longer sought to master the sword; he sought to master himself. Since the tool no longer mattered, he abandoned his weapon for a pair of mighty oars, first snatched up to defend his companions from bandits. Now he travels on, searching for himself, and refining the art of the wooden blades.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Indomitable","description":"The first time that Miyamoto Musashi is Injured in a round, he is Stunned instead."}]},"model_58":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Mochizuki","mv":6,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":18,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Air, Fire, Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Long Shot","Ranged Master","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"The Moon Court has long worked to maintain and strengthen the peace among Kagejima\u2019s clans. Sometimes, this is accomplished through economics or honor; sometimes, it must be done with death. The island\u2019s clans have fought covert wars for so long that they often understand no other form of persuasion. Thus, the Moon Throne commissioned the Doku Hana Sutajio, a school of all-female shinobi, three generations ago. Mochizuki is the school\u2019s finest kunoichi to date. She eschews her school\u2019s preference for subtle poisons or the concealed tanto in favor of the shock and power of paired pistols. Preternaturally swift and silent, Mochizuki is famed for appearing an instant before she turns her guns upon her target in a blaze of flame and thunder, and then vanishing again into the smoke. She has served the royals as messenger, killer, bodyguard, enforcer, and even friend, for over a decade.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at"},{"type":"required","name":"Firearm Flurry","description":"If Mochizuki is not Stunned, instead of attacking normally, she may make four ranged attacks. At the end of Mochizuki\u2019s activation, she is Stunned and rolls no defense dice for the remainder of the round."}]},"model_59":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Momotaro","mv":5,"at":5,"df":4,"kb":21,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Earth, Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Focus","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"The life of Momotaro is as strange as the land of Kagejima. He was found as an infant, floating down the river in a giant peach, by an elderly farmer named Ichiro. With their own children long grown and departed, Ichiro and his wife could find no one to take the strange boy, so they raised him themselves. They have never regretted it. Impossibly strong, Momotaro grew into a kind-hearted, hard-headed young man with an unquenchable thirst for justice. Growing up on stories of predation by the Ijin clan and their oni allies, and knowing that his friends among the Ondori and Inu minor clans had particularly suffered, he turned his interest and his tetsubo toward confronting that threat. He has lead numerous forays against the Ijin, always aimed at stopping their raids or protecting the common folk. His legend, strength, and resolve grow with every mission.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Spirit Hunter","description":"When attacking or defending against a model with Spirit or Void affinity, Momotaro gets +1at if attacking or +1df if defending."}]},"model_60":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Moon Princess","mv":7,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":18,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Spirit, Earth, Water, Void, Air, Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Emptiness","Engulf","Fortune","Guard","Redirection","Resilient*","Ronin","Sprint"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Schooled since birth in the ancient, esoteric arcana of her family, the Moon Princess sometimes tires of merely watching the Moonlight Tournament. Sometimes, she wishes to pit her own strange and terrible power against the warriors competing to do her honor. And who is to deny her? She joins the games disguised, often as a courtesan, and lends her strength to whichever team she favors. Few understand the true extent of the Princess\u2019s magic, and she takes care to never reveal it. She is not without true enemies, however, and these excursions among the competitors makes her vulnerable. Several true assassination attempts have been made during the Tournament, and surely more will come. In truth, this danger is part of what makes these outings so appealing.","affinityNote":"*While the Moon Princess has Affinity with all elements, Resilient checks only succeed when Spirit, Air, or Earth are rolled.","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Zenith","description":"At the beginning of any round that the phase of the moon is a Spirit Moon, the Moon Princess gets a Moon Power token. The Moon Princess may give the Moon Power token to any model in her influence zone instead of taking it for herself."}]},"model_61":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Ondori Clan Kaiken","mv":6,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":14,"upkeep":3,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Resilient","Ronin","Sprint"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Hidden in the forests and groves of northern Kagejima, the Ondori clan are little more than legend to most of the island. They only occasionally trade with, or even contact their nearest neighbors. Those who do interact with them describe the Ondori as proud, fiery, and surprisingly well-informed. In the last century, more and more of these enigmatic shinobi have appeared and bargained their services to other clans for the Moonlight Tournament. They have become masters of disguise when traveling outside of their native forests, as most people treat them with suspicion at best. Those fortunate enough to find an Ondori warrior and to meet his price (often exotic foodstuffs or rare materials needed at home) find they have a puissant and loyal companion who employs strange techniques. Only the most adaptable warriors fare well against the Ondori, for their style is almost completely alien to opponents and allies alike.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ondori's Beak","description":"If Ondori Clan Kaiken has not been activated this round and an enemy model moves into its influence zone, it may immediately attack the moving model. Once the combat is resolved, the moving model may continue their activation."}]},"model_62":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Onibaba","mv":5,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":14,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Void Mastery","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Long ago, before the Moon Court tamed Kagejima\u2019s clans, scavengers of all kinds haunted the island\u2019s battlefields. Some did more than strip the dead. Once, the dark and violent apparition now known as Onibaba watched the fighting as a mortal woman and dug her holes. She would lure stragglers from the battles and into her pits, finishing off any who survived her traps and selling all she took from their bodies. One night, she pulled a mask from a dark and terrible samurai who had staggered, mortally wounded, into her clutches. Struck by the craftsmanship and its strange heft, she slipped the mask over her face. The dark power in the mask touched the festering rot in her soul and would not let go. She writhed and pulled, but soon the mortal hag was gone, replaced by an ageless, devouring horror that has stalked Kagejima\u2019s places of slaughter and rot ever since.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Dark Curse","description":"At the beginning of each round, Onibaba may give up to two Cursed tokens, split up in any manner, to any models within six spaces of Onibaba. No LoS is required."}]},"model_72":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Onryo","mv":6,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":16,"upkeep":4,"affinity":"Air, Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Resilient","Ronin","Sneaky","Sprint","Void Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Into the darkness, under the trees, into the water, follow me please.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"The Ring","description":"Onryo may spend her action to Curse all enemy models in her influence zone."}]},"model_63":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Shojo","mv":6,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":16,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Water, Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Nimble","Redirection","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Shojo, the captain of the golden sailed trading vessel, Tako-Tako, is as famous for her wild ways as for her wondrous wares. Shojo loves a party, and she brings one (or more) with her wherever she makes berth. She is most renowned as a purveyor of Ika Sumi sake, a potent brew that did much to establish Ika sake as the finest and strongest on the island. A fearless navigator, she has braved Ijin waters four times and not only escaped to tell the tale, but claims to have turned a handsome profit each time. However famous for her seamanship, she is equally infamous for her swordsmanship. She comes down on her opponents with typhoon fury\u2014so long as the sake lasts, that is.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Yopparai","description":"At the beginning of each round, choose Attack or Defense. Shojo gets +2 to the chosen attribute until the end of the round."},{"type":"required","name":"Shrewd Negotiator","description":"If Shojo is in the Healing House at the end of a game, her team makes two additional Koban."}]},"model_73":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Stealth Cola","mv":7,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":16,"upkeep":4,"affinity":"Earth, Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Backstab","Resilient","Ronin","Sneaky","Yamazuru's Tail"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Shake it up really well, it makes it work better.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Sparkleburst","description":"When Cola injures an enemy model, all enemy models within Cola's influence zone must take an affinity test. Any model that fails the affinity test is slowed."}]},"model_64":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Sun Empire Wandering Samurai","mv":4,"at":4,"df":4,"kb":22,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Earth, Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Focus","Resilient","Ronin","Sensei"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"In the last five years, more subjects of the Sun Court have come to Kagejima than at any time since their first embassy was established centuries ago. Among the many diplomats and wonder-struck visitors are those who \u201cbecome lost\u201d on the land\u2019s byroads and backways. Such travelers see and recall all that they can, and report all that they learn back to their Emperor. Ever watchful for weakness, the Sun Empire\u2019s agents can turn up anywhere, and discovering them and sending them politely on their way has become a game among many clans. Of late, though, many skilled warriors of the Sun Court have turned up, and offered their services to interested parties. Such is the cutthroat nature of Kagejima\u2019s politics\u2014especially the prestige attached to the Moonlight Tournament\u2014that they often find those willing to employ them.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Honor","description":"The Sun Empire Wandering Samurai cannot attack a model while in its back influence zone."}]},"model_65":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Tengu","mv":8,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":14,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Air, Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Combined Attack","Ronin","Tanchyo's Wings"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"It\u2019s hard to know what the tengu really want. Of the many magical creatures and people that inhabit Kagejima, these bird-like mystics are among the most enigmatic. The island is thick with concealed and remote shrines and primitive holy places that the tengu built and inhabited long before humans arrived. Many forms of sacred buildings and ornamentation were adopted from the tengu. For centuries, these strange creatures would barter or trade their magical and martial skill to the competing clans or war bands. Sometimes they did so for gold, for more offerings at their shrines, for shiny baubles, and sometimes even for whispers of love from a beautiful woman, the first wail of a newborn, or thirty stems of saffron. Since the start of the Moonlight Tournament, the tengu have offered their services more often, and increasingly for stranger payments. Though many find this curious or even ominous, few are unwilling to at least try to meet the price.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Wind Gust","description":"For the first round of the game, every model on the Tengu\u2019s team gets +2mv."}]},"model_106":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Water Hanzo","mv":5,"at":3,"df":5,"kb":20,"upkeep":5,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Drown","Water Mastery","Resilient","Ronin"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Schooling in a water doctrine means your body, eyes, and weapons are extensions of your spirit. Seek the least resistance, flow around spear points, and know where you stand in a duel, or a battlefield of a thousand duels.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Swift as a Coursing River","description":"Every space within 2 spaces of Hanzo counts as difficult terrain for enemy models."}]},"model_66":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Yagyu Jubei","mv":5,"at":5,"df":4,"kb":24,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Air, Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Earth Mastery","Resilient","Ronin","Sensei"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"No crest is so despised when seen across a battlefield as the blazing sun worn by Yagyu Jubei. A famed and honored samurai serving the Sun Empire\u2019s imperial family, Jubei had heard tales of the Moonlight Tournament for years before, finally, daring the passage to Kagejima with his Emperor\u2019s diplomats to experience the tournament for himself. Many men in Jubei\u2019s position would be proud, arrogant, or haughty, but this true samurai is exactly what he appears to be: a consummate swordsman, willing and eager to learn. That is part of the bitterness and anger he elicits from opponents. If he were arrogant and boastful instead of stoic and skilled, it would be easy to hate him. But interloper though he is, he commands their respect, and that is what burns the most. He has informed the Sun Court that he will not be returning soon; there is simply too much to see, and Jubei has sworn to discover all he can about combat against the clans of Kagejima.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Banzai","description":"When Yagyu Jubei attacks, he may move one space before attacking, ignoring influence zones."}]},"model_75":{"clan":null,"type":"ronin","name":"Yokozuna","mv":4,"at":5,"df":4,"kb":25,"upkeep":6,"affinity":"Earth, Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Focus","Resilient","Ronin","Tidal Wave","Tough"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Ever Eager to help, ever ready with a smile, a kind word, or a joke, Yokozuna commonly hoists an inebriated Shojo onto his ample shoulders. Curiously, he rarely drinks. Rumors say he drank whole taverns dry in his youth without becoming drunk, something Shojo considers a staggering tragedy.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"1000 Hand Slap","description":"Yokozuna may spend his action to attack every enemy ninja in his front Influence Zone. For this attack roll against the enemy ninja in the zone with the highest df and then apply the result of the attack to every enemy ninja in the zone. Yokozuna gets -2at for this attack."}]},"model_67":{"clan":null,"type":"sentry","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"*Samurai Sentries may use any Affinity of a model on the team of the player that activated or is controlling the sentry.","abilities":[]},"model_41":{"clan":"ijin","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":20,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Void Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Soul Capture","description":"Whenever the chunin Injures a model, the chunin gets a Haste token."},{"type":"optional","name":"Tyrant","description":"Other friendly models within four spaces of the chunin get +1at when they make an attack. If a friendly model within the area of this ability attacks an enemy model and doesn\u2019t Injure it, the attacking model is Stunned."}]},"model_42":{"clan":"ijin","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":12,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"1-3","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_43":{"clan":"ijin","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":5,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":7,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"0-2","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 6","description":"+2at"}]},"model_44":{"clan":"ijin","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":15,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Void Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Blood Frenzy","description":"When the madoushi activates, it makes an affinity test. If the test is successful, Haste a friendly model within four spaces."},{"type":"optional","name":"Skull Hex","description":"The madoushi may use its action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, choose an enemy model within six spaces, the chosen model and any enemy models in its influence zone get -1df, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the round."}]},"model_45":{"clan":"ijin","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":9,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"1-3","keywords":["Backstab","Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_46":{"clan":"ijin","type":"oni","name":"","mv":4,"at":5,"df":2,"kb":18,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Ijin's Horns","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_48":{"clan":"ijin","type":"hero","name":"Bomechan","mv":7,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":22,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Backstab","Hero","Ijin's Horns","Nimble","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Few skilled practitioners of any stripe\u2014whether poets, builders, scholars, or swordsmen\u2014can resist a challenge. Some see Bomechan as a challenge. A renowned beauty, especially for a daughter of the Ijin clan, her hair falls like a white wave when not pinned by fetching adornments. The swirl of silks as she moves, both entices and disguises. Flecks of amber in her eyes capture the harsh allure of her homeland. But among all her famous qualities, the pair of iron-spiked tetsubo that stand nearly as tall as she does, and her hearty, genuine laughter as she swings them, are probably her most arresting feature. The Moonlight Tournament is another challenge to Bomechan, but for her, the prize is greater than most guess. Bomechan has made no secret of the fact that she sees herself on the Moon Throne. However great the difficulty, it is a challenge she cannot resist.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Whirlwind","description":"Bomechan may use her action to attack every enemy model in her influence zone. Resolve the attack against each model completely before attacking the next model. If Bomechan chooses Void, then the target is Stunned instead of Injured. If Bomechan is Injured or gets Stunned, then she stops attacking and does not continue to a new target."}]},"model_47":{"clan":"ijin","type":"hero","name":"Yobuko","mv":5,"at":5,"df":4,"kb":25,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Dirty Fighter","Emptiness","Hero","Nimble","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Tall, strong, and fierce, Yobuko is young and comparatively inexperienced, which might be the most frightening thing about him. His power and skill already rival many of his masters. What sort of terror might he become as he gains fuller command of his powers? He has already begun seeking out dangerous opponents and creatures as \u201csparring partners\u201d. He is fond of testing himself against full-blooded oni twice his size. The \u201cfriendly matches\u201d sometimes get so rough that his fellow clansmen fear the mountain might come down on their heads.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Supreme Master of the Fist","description":"If an enemy model on the board has an Attack or Defense attribute equal to or greater than Yobuko\u2019s Attack attribute, that model is his rival, and he must move toward and attack the model during each of his activations. Toward means closer, but moving in a straight line is not required. While Yobuko must attempt to get closer to his rival, he does not have to move into or through enemy influence zones if his player does not wish him to do so. Yobuko gets +1at when attacking his rival. If there are multiple models that are Yobuko\u2019s rivals, Yobuko\u2019s player may decide which one Yobuko moves toward and attempts to attack during each activation. If Yobuko cannot attack a rival after moving, then he may take whatever action his player wishes."}]},"model_25":{"clan":"ika","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":21,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Water Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Fisherman's Spear","description":"The chunin may attack models up to two spaces away."},{"type":"optional","name":"Net","description":"Whenever the chunin Injures a model, the chunin may Stun an enemy model within three spaces of the chunin."}]},"model_26":{"clan":"ika","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":9,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"2-4","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_27":{"clan":"ika","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":5,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":7,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-2","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+1at, Stealthy"}]},"model_28":{"clan":"ika","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":13,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Drown","Water Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Foul Weather","description":"The madoushi may spend its action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, until the end of the round LoS cannot be drawn farther than four spaces, and models in Stealth may reroll affinity tests when attempting to leave a model\u2019s influence zone. No LoS is required"},{"type":"optional","name":"Undertow","description":"When the madoushi activates, it may make an affinity test. If the test is successful, move a friendly model that is within four spaces of the madoushi into the madoushi\u2019s influence zone, ignoring other influence zones."}]},"model_29":{"clan":"ika","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":8,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_30":{"clan":"ika","type":"oni","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":20,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Entangle","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ink Attack","description":"If the oni is Stunned or Injured, it may Stun an enemy model within the oni\u2019s influence zone."}]},"model_32":{"clan":"ika","type":"hero","name":"Akkorokamui","mv":6,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":23,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Entangle","Hero","Leap","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"For two centuries, every sovereign in the Moon Palace has decreed that Kagejima\u2019s clans must limit their contact with outsiders. Only diplomats, select ninja, and registered traders, especially among the Ika, have regular, official dealings with the outside world. Unofficially, the Ika harbor some of the most vicious pirates in the great sea\u2014including mighty Akkorokamui, the scourge of the Sun Empire. Akkorokamui holds a charter from the Moon Princess to act as a privateer and claim both treasure and information from any outsider ship he encounters. He is among the most successful privateers to ever haunt Kagejima\u2019s waters, and has\r\nturned over vast amounts of valuable goods and vital information to the Moon Court during his long career. He has also kept no small portion for himself.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ika's Anchor","description":"Akkorokamui can make attacks up to three spaces away."}]},"model_31":{"clan":"ika","type":"hero","name":"Mizuchi","mv":5,"at":3,"df":5,"kb":23,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Focus","Hero","Resilient","Sensei"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"The Ika are more than just fishermen and traders. They are charged by the Princess herself with watching and protecting Kagejima\u2019s coasts. Their squadrons of long ships, made from infused iron oak, patrol the seas around the island, sometimes ranging far afield to ensure that no one enters or approaches their waters undetected. Many try. Sun Empire brigs, foreign galleons, and other craft and creatures probe the edges of Kagejima\u2019s seas. And when they do, it is most often Captain Mizuchi who meets them. Cutting through the water with\r\nuncanny speed, like the silver tip of a spear, Mizuchi has defeated flotillas three times her own numbers and ships ten times the weight of her craft. Serious in demeanor, strategically clever, and ruthless in battle, Mizuchi\u2019s ship, the Honor of Ishika, and a hail of fire arrows, are often the last things would-be invaders ever see.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Flashing Spear","description":"Mizuchi cannot be targeted by ranged attacks."}]},"model_17":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":6,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":22,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Spirit Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Poisoned Weapons","description":"When attacking, if the chunin does not Stun or Injure the target enemy model, then the model is Poisoned."},{"type":"optional","name":"Spirit Power","description":"The chunin may spend its action to make all models that attempt to dodge out of its influence zone automatically fail until the end of the round."}]},"model_18":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":6,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":10,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"spirit","allowance":"1-3","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_19":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":9,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"1-3","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+1at , Stealthy. If a Spirit is rolled by the yajiri,\r\nthe target is Poisoned, regardless of the result chosen."}]},"model_20":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":6,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":14,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Healing","Spirit Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Healing Mist","description":"The madoushi may use its action to Stun itself, then remove all Stun tokens from up to two friendly models within four spaces of the madoushi. No LoS is required."},{"type":"optional","name":"Wanderlust","description":"The madoushi may use its action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, move any enemy model within six spaces of the madoushi up to four spaces ignoring influence zones. No LoS is required."}]},"model_21":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":8,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_22":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"oni","name":"","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":19,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Spirit Senses","description":"After moving, the Kitsune Oni may make an affinity test. If the test is successful, all enemy models in the oni\u2019s influence zone lose Stealth."}]},"model_23":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"hero","name":"Tamamo No Mae","mv":7,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":14,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Hero","Nimble","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"There has always been a Tamamo no Mae. For as long as people have walked the mist-haunted forests of northern Kagejima, Tamamo no Mae has watched\r\nthem. For all the centuries that the Kitsune clan has carved a bewitched existence from its shrouded forests, Tamamo no Mae has brewed her potions and\r\nworked her spells. No matter that other clans call her witch, demon, or accuse her of dark acts. Her clan knows her as a master enchantress and herbalist, able\r\nto coax elixirs from the most unlikely of substances. The Kitsune have never denied Tamamo\u2019s more sinister nature, however. Few, they freely admit, can resist her enticing call. None, they darkly concede,\r\nescape her traps.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Allure","description":"At the beginning of each round, choose one enemy model. Until the end of the round the chosen model cannot dodge while in Tamamo no Mae\u2019s influence zone."}]},"model_24":{"clan":"kitsune","type":"hero","name":"Uzumaki","mv":6,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":18,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Blink","Close Combat Master","Hero","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"In any other clan\u2014except the Tora, perhaps\u2014 Uzumaki would be a precocious youth. Among the reclusive Kitsune, however, he\u2019s a source of trouble and infinite frustration. While most Kitsune prefer to stay in their loamy, fern-shrouded forests, Uzumaki is often the first to greet travelers and offer them warding runes and medicines in exchange for stories of the world beyond. The\r\nyoung shinobi is undeniably skilled and clearly ill-suited to life among his clan\u2019s spirit-haunted trees. For this reason, the clan elders have taken the controversial step of sending Uzumaki to the Moonlight Tournament. Most Kitsune volunteer for the competition, acting on their personal desires. This most strange of clans has not officially sent one of their number to the Tournament in over a\r\ncentury. Many observers wonder what this says about Uzumaki, his skills, and his clan.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"9 Tails","description":"At the beginning of the round, if Uzumaki is not Slowed, he may become Moon Powered. At the end of the round, Uzumaki is Slowed twice."}]},"model_33":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":6,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":23,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"1","keywords":["Air Mastery","Close Combat Master"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 6","description":""},{"type":"optional","name":"Gust of Heaven","description":"After attacking or making a ranged attack, if there are no enemy models in the chunin\u2019s influence zone or if all of the enemy models in the chunin\u2019s influence zone are Stunned, the chunin may move up to four spaces, ignoring other models, influence zones, and terrain."},{"type":"optional","name":"Wind of Blades","description":"After the chunin attacks, it may Stun itself to make a second attack."}]},"model_34":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":6,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":11,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-2","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_35":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":5,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":7,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"2-4","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at In addition to Void and Earth, Air may be chosen as the result of the ranged attack."}]},"model_36":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":6,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":16,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Air Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Blessings of the Tengu","description":"The madoushi may use its action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, friendly models in the madoushi\u2019s influence zone get +1at until the end of the round."},{"type":"optional","name":"Wind Walk","description":"Instead of moving normally, the madoushi and any friendly models within the madoushi\u2019s influence zone may each move up to five spaces, ignoring other models, influence zones, and terrain. Models must end this movement in the madoushi\u2019s influence zone. At the end of the madoushi\u2019s turn, the madoushi is Stunned."}]},"model_37":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":8,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":9,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_38":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"oni","name":"","mv":6,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":19,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Resilient","Tanchyo's Wings"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_39":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"hero","name":"Kakura","mv":8,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":14,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Hero","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"The small Tanchyo clan live in the high, inaccessible places around the north and western peaks of Getsu-san. They have few allies and fewer friends, but the few who leave their storied aeries are stout companions and skillful warriors. Karura is unusual among even his rare, adventurous clansmen, for he feels a greater kinship with the Tanchyo\u2019s cousins\u2014the eagles\u2014than with any human he has met. Though reclusive by inclination, and wont to spend weeks perched along the treacherous trails crisscrossing his clan\u2019s territory, Karura\u2019s inquisitive nature has drawn him back to the wider lands of Kagejima again and again. It has also led him to tinker endlessly, and he has invented many wonderful things. The latest of these, a contraption of snares, wires, pulleys, and hooks, allows him to fly between trees, cliffs, and rooftops with all the grace and speed of his beloved avian cousins.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Movement Rig","description":"While moving, Karura ignores models, influence zones, and terrain."}]},"model_40":{"clan":"tanchyo","type":"hero","name":"Zenyo Ryu","mv":6,"at":4,"df":2,"kb":21,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Accurate","Hero","Long Shot","Ranged Master"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Among the Tanchyo clan, archery is the highest art of war. Few practitioners of this art are as renowned as the woman called Zenyo Ryu, or more simply, The Dragon. Driven by the taunting of her peers and instructed by her most skillful brother, she practiced archery incessantly. She took to disappearing for days with only her bow and knives, hunting her food and shooting the most difficult targets under the worst conditions. In her first true battle, she held a narrow trail for eight hours against repeated Yamazaru attempts to flank her comrades\u2014sometimes picking off individual warriors, sometimes dropping clouds of arrows like rain. She has learned to build customized ammunition, employing crescent arrowheads for cutting rope, whistling noisemakers to signal her friends or soldiers, and long, narrow points she calls fangs for piercing armor.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 7","description":""},{"type":"required","name":"Air Dragon's Breath","description":"Instead of attacking normally, Zenyo Ryu may make three Ranged 5 attacks. At the end of Zenyo Ryu\u2019s activation, she is Stunned."}]},"model_1":{"clan":"tora","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":20,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Fire Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Pounce","description":"Before attacking, the chunin may move up to three spaces. This move may only be made if it will result in the chunin being able to attack an enemy model. After the attack, the chunin is Slowed."},{"type":"optional","name":"Tiger Strike","description":"Before the chunin attacks, its player may give the chunin +3at until the end of the turn. For the rest of the round, the chunin does not roll any defense dice."}]},"model_2":{"clan":"tora","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":10,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"2-4","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_3":{"clan":"tora","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":8,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-2","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at"}]},"model_4":{"clan":"tora","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":13,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Engulf","Fire Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Metal to Dust","description":"At the beginning of the round make an affinity test. If the test is successful, attacks against the madoushi get -2at, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the round."},{"type":"optional","name":"Volcano Pots","description":"The madoushi may use its action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, one enemy model within six spaces of the madoushi, and all models adjacent to the enemy model, are Stunned."}]},"model_5":{"clan":"tora","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":8,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":9,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_6":{"clan":"tora","type":"oni","name":"","mv":4,"at":2,"df":5,"kb":18,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Precision Strike","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_7":{"clan":"tora","type":"hero","name":"Byakko","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":24,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire, Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Hero","Precision Strike","Regeneration","Resilient","Tora's Claws"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Byakko might be mad. Then again, many say that about the Tora. Even among a clan that so broadly venerates its totem, however, Byakko is accounted strange. Focused and intense, this young warrior fights with the ferocity of his clan but matches this with an uncharacteristic cunning. He is also daring beyond sense, for Byakko truly believes himself the incarnation of the White Tiger. Said to possess a piece of the moon in its heart, this special kami supposedly provides its host with mystical protection. Any other who fought as Byakko fights would be called reckless or suicidal, but he absolutely believes himself protected, and so far, it seems true. This lunatic piety is strange, even among the Tora. Byakko might be mad. Then again, he might be right.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Vault","description":"Byakko may move through spaces occupied\r\nby other models."}]},"model_8":{"clan":"tora","type":"hero","name":"Ryu","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":20,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Engulf","Fire Mastery","Hero","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"As a young boy, Ryu was lucky. He showed a talent and interest in alchemy and was able to apprentice in this profession with his father. They traveled \r\ntogether over much of northern Kagejima, gathering exotic ingredients and conducting business. One fateful trip through the mountains, however, saw \r\nthem fall victim to a howling group of bandits. Again, in a way, Ryu was lucky. He survived, though he perhaps wished he had not, and wandering Yamazaru monks found him sitting alone, sobbing \r\ninconsolably in the remains of his father\u2019s wagon. As he grew in their monastery, Ryu showed aptitude for the monk\u2019s martial practices, and he \r\nsoon became a strong and focused fighter with an understandable hatred for those who preyed on the weak. Upon his maturity, he chose to return to the \r\nTora, and he brought his considerable skills and drive for justice with him.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Dragon\u2019s Breath","description":"Ryu may spend his action to have all models that are in Ryu\u2019s front influence zone take an affinity test. If a model fails the test, they are Stunned."}]},"model_9":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":4,"at":4,"df":4,"kb":20,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Earth Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Back Flip","description":"Before the chunin moves, it may move into any empty space in its back influence zone. The chunin automatically succeeds any required dodge rolls and can move onto any terrain type that it could normally move to."},{"type":"optional","name":"Yama Fist","description":"Yama Fist: Before the chunin attacks, its player may give the chunin +2at and -2df until the end of the round."}]},"model_10":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":12,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"2-4","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_11":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":5,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":6,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-2","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+1at , Stealthy"}]},"model_12":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":13,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Earth Mastery"],"abChoice":1,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"optional","name":"Healing Herbs","description":"When a friendly model that is adjacent to the madoushi is Injured, its player may Stun the madoushi to have the model ignore being Injured."},{"type":"optional","name":"Mountain Flute","description":"Ranged 10, Stealthy. Both Earth and Void results Stun the target."}]},"model_13":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":2,"df":2,"kb":9,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_14":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"oni","name":"","mv":4,"at":4,"df":4,"kb":20,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-2","keywords":["Resilient","Yamazuru's Tail"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_16":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"hero","name":"Mizaru","mv":5,"at":2,"df":4,"kb":23,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Focus","Guard","Hero","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"At age 14, Mizaru lost his sight to a witch\u2019s curse, and his story might have ended there. The Yamazaru\u2019s harsh homeland means that such an injury makes one a beloved liability, relegated to\r\nhomebound chores. Mizaru rejected that life. He refused to become bitter and focused his anger in learning to overcome his affliction. He honed his senses until he could navigate roads and trails by\r\nsound and the touch of his scabbard, identify people by scent, and track any movement by the barest noise. Many outside the clan thought it strange\r\nwhen he joined the Yamazaru\u2019s famed scouts, and nearly insane when he became their captain only a few years later. Any who have seen him spar with the best swordsmen, pin a mountain thrush to a tree with his kunai, or run flawlessly through a rocky forest have no such doubts.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Amazing Awareness","description":"Mizaru may use his action to have any model within eight spaces lose Stealth. No LoS is required."}]},"model_15":{"clan":"yamazaru","type":"hero","name":"Son Goku","mv":7,"at":3,"df":3,"kb":19,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"0-1","keywords":["Earth Mastery","Hero","Leap","Resilient"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"Kagejima is nothing if not uncanny. The way the six elements mix and the power within them influences every aspect of life, however subtle. Every year, numerous children are born with a touch of the supernatural. Son Goku was born with the aspect of the monkey. His high spirits and care-free attitude are matched only by his skill, agility, and wanderlust. Born to a family of weavers, Son Goku showed his nature quite young, when the village elders sent him to train with the clan\u2019s best warriors at the age of seven. Though many enter the Moonlight\r\nTournament for honor and glory, few yearn to win it more than Son Goku, for no other reason than the chance to travel abroad. Kagejima is simply too small\r\nto contain him.","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Lucky","description":"Son Goku gets a Luck token at the beginning of each of his activations."}]},"model_101":{"clan":"Air Shrine","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Sprint"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_102":{"clan":"Air Shrine","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_103":{"clan":"Air Shrine","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at In addition to Void and Earth, Air may be chosen as the result of the ranged attack."}]},"model_105":{"clan":"Air Shrine","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"","keywords":["Air Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Cloud Walk","description":"When the madoushi activates. make an affinity test. If the test is successful, choose another friendly model, the model gets +2 movement until the end of the round. If it is the Air Moon, then choose up to three friendly models. No LoS is required."}]},"model_104":{"clan":"Air Shrine","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Air","allowance":"","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_96":{"clan":"Earth Shrine","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Guard"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_97":{"clan":"Earth Shrine","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_98":{"clan":"Earth Shrine","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 6","description":"+2at"}]},"model_100":{"clan":"Earth Shrine","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"","keywords":["Earth Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Stronghold","description":"When the madoushi activates, make an affinity test. If the affinity test is successful, Protect one friendly model within the madoushi's influence zone. If it is the Earth moon, then Protect number of friendly models within the madoushi's influence zone."}]},"model_99":{"clan":"Earth Shrine","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Earth","allowance":"","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_91":{"clan":"Fire Shrine","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Precision Strike"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_92":{"clan":"Fire Shrine","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_93":{"clan":"Fire Shrine","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at"}]},"model_95":{"clan":"Fire Shrine","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"","keywords":["Fire Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Fire Bomb","description":"The madoushi may spend their action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, Stun an enemy model within five spaces of the madoushi. If it id the Fire Moon, Stun all enemy models that are adjacent to the target of this ability as well. "}]},"model_94":{"clan":"Fire Shrine","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":8,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Fire","allowance":"","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_86":{"clan":"Spirit Shrine","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Fortune"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_87":{"clan":"Spirit Shrine","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_88":{"clan":"Spirit Shrine","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 6","description":"+2at"}]},"model_90":{"clan":"Spirit Shrine","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"","keywords":["Spirit Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Choking Cloud","description":"The madoushi may spend their action to make an affinity test. If the test is successful, Poison an emeny model within six spaces of the madoushi. If it is the Spirit Moon, Poison all enemy models that are adjacent to the target of this ability as well."}]},"model_89":{"clan":"Spirit Shrine","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Spirit","allowance":"","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_81":{"clan":"Void Shrine","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":4,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Emptiness"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_82":{"clan":"Void Shrine","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_83":{"clan":"Void Shrine","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":1,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at"}]},"model_85":{"clan":"Void Shrine","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"","keywords":["Void Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Void Curse","description":"When the madoushi activates, make an affinity test. If the test is successful, Curse one enemy model within five spaces of the madoushi. If it is the Void Moon, Curse all enemy models that are adjacent to the target of this ability as well."}]},"model_84":{"clan":"Void Shrine","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":2,"df":1,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Void","allowance":"","keywords":["Backstab","Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_76":{"clan":"Water Shrine","type":"chunin","name":"","mv":5,"at":3,"df":4,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"","keywords":["Close Combat Master","Tidal Wave"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_77":{"clan":"Water Shrine","type":"kaiken","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]},"model_78":{"clan":"Water Shrine","type":"yajiri","name":"","mv":6,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"","keywords":[""],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Ranged 5","description":"+2at"}]},"model_80":{"clan":"Water Shrine","type":"madoushi","name":"","mv":5,"at":2,"df":3,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"","keywords":["Water Mastery"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[{"type":"required","name":"Sea's Blessing","description":"When the madoushi activates, make an affinity test. If the affinity test is successful, a friendly model within the madoushi's influence zone becomes Lucky. If it is the Water moon, then any number of friendly models within the madoushi's influence zone become Lucky."}]},"model_79":{"clan":"Water Shrine","type":"kunoichi","name":"","mv":7,"at":1,"df":2,"kb":0,"upkeep":0,"affinity":"Water","allowance":"","keywords":["Nimble"],"abChoice":0,"flavor":"","affinityNote":"","abilities":[]}}