Added meta descriptions and keywords.
Modified Copyright.
Added page titles.
Renamed pages to match page titles.
Added sitemap.
Made todo.txt into Version Changes page.
Team Builder - On the Edit Model form changed Close button label to instead be Apply. 

Added Fire and Water hanzo.

Implemented team rating.

Updated the database to reflect the changes made to the game in NAS-FAQ-2.2016.pdf

Team Builder - Added clear button.
Team Builder - Hitting the save button also places the team roster into the users browser cache.
Team Builder - Navigating off the page to one of the other pages on the site caches the current roster into cache.
Team Builder - Fix possible race condition if dependencies didn't load in a timely fashion.
Team Builder - Store keywords and models into browser cache. 

Team Builder - Customize models in the Team Roster , Modify stats, keywords, affinities, experience.
Team Builder - Save/Load teams via json.
Team Builder - Help Button.
Team Builder - Fixed a printing issue.

Team Builder - Mobile support.
Team Builder - Warning when javascript is not enabled.
Team Builder - Added move up button 
Team Builder - Added move down button
Team Builder - Delete key press works for selected model.
Team Builder - Up and Down Arrow keys work for moving the selected model.
Team Builder - Enter key press works for adding models to roster.
Team Builder - Fixed adding Moon Princess to Roster.
Team Builder - Delete key press works for selected ability.

Model Table - Fixed Affinity note not being written out for json.

Initial version of the teambuilder page

Added Ronin Bakusho Mondai
Added Ronin Geomon
Added Ronin Hanzo
Added Ronin Kunoichi Candy
Added Ronin Onryo
Added Ronin Stealth Cola
Added Ronin Arashikage - most likely inaccurate
added Ronin Yokozuna - most likely inaccurate 

Added Water Shrine
Added Fire Shrine
Added Void Shrine
Added Earth Shrine
Added Air Shrine
Added Spirit Shrine

Added table Filtering for the shrine clans

Initial Version