6/11/2017 - Rogue Progress 1

Game Link

It's a platformer, with roguelike elements; the game is still trying to find its identity.
It is also my first attempt at making a game.

As far as progress: really this week the big ticket item I worked on was getting the background sprites inserted.
Which in retrospect seems benign, but it had been a nagging item on my todo list.

Todo list items done this week:

  • Enemy Health Bars.
  • Refactor how features are generated.
  • Spikes colliding with enemy is killing the spikes.
  • Open coffin sound.
  • Walking sound can still play when jumping, because it's reliant on the player being still.
  • Make inventory follow the same pattern as the merchant screen as far as passing inventory on open.
  • Update Phaser to ce 2.8.
  • Coffin should drop monster.
  • Alchemy Table.
  • Do not place pad statue combo in rooms with moving platform.
  • Changed when crusher can be spawned.
  • Decorations are rolled and placed into rooms.