7/8/2016 - Burrowing Horror

Reaper Bones Miniature Burrowing Horror that I painted. The skin color I ended up referencing from Rob Jedi's blog.
The first time through I envisioned his skin tone would be yellow and brown, but it didn't work so I moved onto blue.

Model Pictures

Super Dungeon Explore Card

JSON File: Burrowing Horror.json

The Idea behind this card primarily was to fit the theme and flavor of the model, so it has Burrow as a key word. Berserk is there because his actions are intentionally low.
His armor is probably ridiculously high with a minimum of 2 an average of 4.32 and a high of 9. that only gets worse when you consider that he can increase his armor by 1 blue dice. The focus of the model is to act as a door blocker along the same lines as blaze beetle but without backlash.