3/21/2019 - Warhammer Underworlds Terrain

I've been working on sculpting custom terrain for Warhammer Underworlds.


Magic Sculpt

Magic sculpt is a two part epoxy clay. Takes about 24 hours to fully set. It doesn't shrink, can be sanded / drilled, and has excellent strength.


First pieces I made. Left to right - ShadeGlass token, Wall section, Chasm token.

Skaven bell - Sculpted primarily using magic sculpt. I chopped up a political campaign sign which is the white parts; effectively it's plasticard.

Khorne horn - The concept of this took awhile I didn't have a strong idea of what the horn's base would look like. I more or less just cobbled it together as I went along.

Mollog's Mob stalagmites. Of the pieces I've made this one came together the easiest.